Parcel to Nepal from the UK

Parcel to Nepal from the UK


We have a very cheap parcel to Nepal from the UK service for travellers, holidaymakers, trekkers and students. Similarly, we offer professional assistance for NGO, INGO and UN staff travelling from the UK or Europe to Nepal. So you can confidently send all the personal items to Kathmandu or Pokhara in Nepal. So if you have less than 100 kg, please visit the main page of Courier to Nepal from the UK for all the latest rates. Or if you have more than 100 KG, please visit Cargo to Nepal from the UK.



Parcel to Nepal from the UK


Nepal Introduction - Parcel Destination


It is a landlocked country in South Asia bordered by China and India. It has a traditional economic system in which most of the population engages in subsistence agriculture, and available resources are allocated based on primitive methods. We offer logistics delivery service to Kathmandu and Nepal from London to - the UK via world-leading courier companies, including DHL. So Let me introduce the Main Nepalese cities.





It's a naturally beautiful country in the South Asia region. So it offers classic Nepal, which is suitable for all walks of life and provides you to experience and taste the real Nepal. On this holiday, you will have enough time to explore the sights of Kathmandu; primitive Durbar squares, busy market stalls on the banks of busy roads and notches of ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples. Then, the trip travels to Pokhara, the city of tranquil and natural beauty in the Himalayas' laps.





In Pokhara, you will explore the sights of cities, boat the infamous Few Lake, and enjoy the sunrise excursion to the hilltop Sarangkot. Then, you will travel to the home of the Rhinos and wildlife, Chitwan. The Chitwan National Park is one of Asia's most significant wildlife reserves. Canoeing, village walk, bird watching and traditional cultural dance are great activities that make this family holiday a perfect choice for kids.


  • For courier
    If you have less than 20 KG, please visit Cargo to Nepal from the UK.
  • For cargo
    If you have a TV or 20 KG Plus, please visit Cargo to Nepal. For shipping: Click Here, and for all regular updates, please visit social media.




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