Courier Term & Condition 

Courier Term & Condition


Carriers (i.e. DHL) T & C apply to all cases. Major T & C as below.


I packed all goods were packed personally by me & have been in constant possession since packing. I declare items on the invoice. If any undeclared item appears, then I will be held responsible. My consignment DOES NOT contain any illegal items & NO hazardous goods, nor any explosives of any description. I am aware that any false statement may render me liable for prosecution under the terms of the maritime security Act 1990. I now declare that the above information is accurate and correct. The company will not be held responsible for any delay by Carrier or other circumstances. If damaged goods are signed for without being checked, the company cannot be held accountable for any claim for damaged goods.


All prices exclude customs duties payable & we cannot advise on it. Free insurance is up to £50, but for low-weight - high-value goods, please declare the items' value and do insurance. Otherwise, courier standard T & C will apply. DHL: $25 P/kg for air, $12 P/kg by road.

All insurance claims (Damage or loss) will be settled based on declaring item value and according to carriers' rules & regulations.

Courier charges up to £9 for name/address change.

Remote Areas with small or no volume being sent to their charge: £17.50 & cannot advise for a duration.

The delivery date & time may vary due to unforeseen transportation circumstances.

The actual transit time is likely longer if local country authorities deem the shipment as high value or any other cause.

You are not allowed to keep restricted and dangerous goods in the parcel.

We could not refund your money; If your parcel was returned due to restricted items or dangerous goods.

Passport or Imp docs are only accepted on box number two. Always do insurance that costs an Extra £3 but covers up to £300 in case of loss or damage.

Email ID will use for newsletter and communication purposes.

Sum up* Himal Cou will display in your bank statement if you use card payment.

Carriers' terms & conditions apply in all cases. For example, DHL Terms and Conditions.


Typically, we use DHL for courier service. So, clock for courier form. And for a regular update, please visit social media.



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