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Would you mind looking below if you want to send a courier to Nepal (Courier Nepal - Courier to Nepal from the UK)? Unfortunately, this Courier to Nepal service does not work per kg, requiring box weight and dimension. So, to save you time, we have made it easy by providing all the information, including cost, box size and box dimension. It clearly shows that the price is based on the box size and weight. So, have a look and fill out the form below, and once we receive the form, we will contact you for further processing.



Courier Nepal



Please have a look at these pages before you contact us.




Courier to Nepal from the UK


We have a daily courier service to Nepal from the UK. Daily means from Monday to Friday. We have a discounted rate for Nepal and world-leading courier companies. 



Courier Nepal -  Courier to Nepal

Please note this rate is only for Kathmandu, and you need to add an extra £19 for remote delivery so please contact us before you process.



Up to 0.5 kg ( Docs): £45 - Envolve Number 1 ( 30 X 25 X 1 ) CM
Up to 0.5 KG (Non-docs): £50 - Envolve Number 1 ( 30 X 25 X 1 ) CM
Up to 1.5 kg: £50 Box no: 2 ( 33 x 18 x 10) CM
Up to 3 kg: £65 Box no: 3 ( 33 x 32 x 10) CM
Up to 6 kg: £85 Box no: 4 ( 33 x 32 x 18) CM
Up to 10 kg: £145 Box no: 5 ( 33 x 32 x34) CM
Up to 16 kg: £190 Box no: 6 ( 41 x 35 x 36) CM
Up to 25 kg: £210 Box no: 7 ( 48 x 40 x38) CM
Up to 30 kg: £260 Box no: 8 ( 55 X 45 X 40) CM


Do you have more than 30 KG?


For other weights, please fill this below courier Nepal ( courier to Nepal from the UK form) with box weight and dimensions such as Length, Height and width on CM so that the logistics consultant can contact you with the correct price. There is no limit to sending.



Term and Condition of Courier Nepal


Please have a look form below or visit Courier to Nepal from the UK for all terms and conditions.





DHL: 3 to 5 working days ( Normally, but not during a Pandemic)

Courier's standard terms & conditions apply to the delivery of all goods. Your shipment's actual transit time is likely longer if your customs authorities deem your shipment as having a high value.



A free Packing box for courier in some cases


Please bring your stuff; we will provide a free packing box from 1 to 5 numbers box for clients.



Remote Area Delivery:


It’s possible, but an extra charge applies. 



Custom & Local Duties:


All non-documents shipments to Nepal may be subject to local duties & taxes payable at Kathmandu - Nepal, beyond our service charge. We cannot advise on these charges, so we recommend visiting the Nepal customs website for more details. But we can guess it will be up to 40% of the total shipment value. They will charge according to the item value. Some items may charge 5%, or some might be set at 20%. Many customers mention lower value to minimise customs and duties charges. But it’s a risk if the items are lost or damaged, and the courier will provide compensation according to the mentioned value.


Customs duty will be ultimately determined by the evaluating customs officer, generally, for personal shipments. However, there will be a minimum warehouse, transit and loader charge and obligations. In Nepal, couriers and others are also Door to Door, but for non-doc shipments, such as gifts, the Receiver will actively participate in customs clearance. Please let us know if you have more questions; we are just one call far away.



Can send and can not ship via Courier - Prohibited Items - Dangerous Goods.


Would you please look at both links below to know which items you can send and which you can not send?




Courier Form for Courier to Nepal from the UK


If you have any questions,  please fill in the courier so that someone can assist you further.

Click here for the courier form.



DHL to Nepal near me - DHL to Nepal from the UK


Please visit our office to send DHL to Nepal and other countries around Woolwich, Plumstead, Charlton, Welling, Thamesmead, or nearby. If you can not see our office, you can send the parcel via Royal Mail or Parcel Force. They usually deliver it the next day to our office to ship once we receive it. For a regular update, please visit Himal Courier's Social Media.



Nepal Introduction for Courier Nepal.


A beautiful Himalayan natural country with the world's tallest, Mt Everest, Lord Buddha’s birthplace, and brave Gurkhas. It is located mainly in the Himalayas and includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. With an estimated population of 26.4 million, it is the 48th largest country by people and the 93rd largest country.



What is Courier?


Courier is suited for sending letters, documents & small parcels. It offers the advantage of speed, security, tracking, signature and specialisation over standard mail services. However, due to this, they tend to be more expensive than traditional mail services.