Parcel from Nepal to the UK

Parcel from Nepal to the UK - Shipping from Nepal to the UK


Clients can send a small package to a large parcel in our parcel from Nepal to the UK service. Courier, cargo or parcel are all the same here in this service. So, please have a look at the below options. We send regular shipments from Nepal to the UK. So, there are two options to send parcels (shipping from Nepal to the UK, Airfreight from Nepal to the UK, Courier from Nepal to the UK)  to the UK from Nepal. They are as below.



Parcel from Nepal to the UK



Option A: Commercial (Business Purpose)

Option B: Non-commercial (Personal/office/gift/charity etc.)


Let's go over both options.


Option A


It is suitable for showing imports and all transactions, customs clearance etc. Its per kg cost is £6.5 per kg, and it's only at the airport you need to clear customs and TAX. And in many cases, they might need documents as below.


  • Performa invoice 
  • packing list as goods packs 
  • GSP copy Form A for customs clearance to LHR custom 
  • Original certificate from Nepal Chamber of Commerce 
  • Lab test report 
  • If possible, the ISO certificate of the items
  • Details of bank transfer (According to the Nepali government's export rules and regulations), the Nepal office must submit that paper before customs clearance. 
  • So, once you are ready, please fill out the courier or cargo form so we can contact you with the right price. Please note, don't just call us without accurate information as we need box weight and dimensions to give you the right price, and the best way to request a quote is by filling out the form. Form to bring stuff from Nepal to the UK



Option B:


It's suitable for personal or start-up businesses and small businesses. It does not require any documents to release customs in both countries. It means it's a hassle-free delivery that includes all costs with door-to-door delivery. You pay in the UK office, and we do the rest. Our Nepal office will pick you up, or you can ask to drop by our office in Kathmandu. We bring in the Uk, clear customs and deliver to your Uk address. You can do it confidently as we have an office in the UK. 





Suppose you have more than 25 kg and above, then £7 Per kg. But we need a dimensional box to give you the final price.


If you have less than 25 kg, then we can bring as below.


  • Up to 0.5 KG - £40
  • Up to 1 Kg - £55
  • Up to 2 KG - £65
  • Up to 3 KG - £75
  • Up to 5 KG - £95
  • Up to 10 KG - £150
  • Up to 20 KG £200
  • Uo to 25 KG £225


Time: 10 to 20 working days or more




Working Process


You need to fill out the Import Form, and once we receive the form, we will keep in touch with the next step. 
Please do not email us the price; we need the box's weight and dimensions. 





Sending stuff from Nepal to the UK - Frequently Ask a Question.


What can you send? - Courier from Nepal to the UK


You can send clothes, dry foods, medication, handmade clothes and gifts such as Pashminas, travellers' stuff, Gurkha clothes etc.



Are there any special regulations on customs clearance while sending items from Nepal?


Pashminas and handmade items are free for a specific period; however, they must pay customs and VAT in the UK.



What docs would the exporter need to send to get the stuff through customs UK?


Pashminas or handmade items certificate. Similarly, hardwoods might require certification. Soft seating will need fire test certification.



General Suggestion


Request senders or suppliers to provide you with a GSP certificate (Form A). It will enable you to get a preferential rate of duty (in some cases zero rates) on importation into the UK. You will also require a copy of the commercial invoice and packing list to clear through customs. For more information, please visit the UK government customs website.



Do you need any documents?


Usually, we need receiver details, including full address and phone number, to Import from Nepal to the UK. We don't need any other documents; we send them as pallets, not individual papers or parcels. However, the Nepal office will let you know if we need any information.


If you want to bring the goods from Nepal to the UK (Import from Nepal to the UK), please fill out the Parcel from Nepal to the UK. Once we receive the form, we will provide you with our Kathmandu address to drop off the parcel into Kathmandu address or our member of staff will pick it up at extra charges.



Drop your parcel at our Nepal office.


Himal Courier - Nepal office
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal



How long does it take to deliver?


Usually, it takes 10 to 20 working days or more to bring stuff from Nepal to the UK. However, some time takes longer, so please contact us before booking. Finally, if you would like to bring the items, parcel or courier cargo to the UK from Nepal, please fill out the form: Courier Form to get it from Nepal to the Uk. Once we receive the form, we will contact you for the next step. Similarly, if you want to know more, visit British government rules and regulations.



We have made YouTube Video for your assistance; Please have a look at YouTube Video. 



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