Courier Cargo Pakistan

Courier Cargo Pakistan - Cargo to Pakistan


We offer cheap door-to-door or airport logistic services like Courier Cargo DHL Pakistan. If you want to send express docs, Gifts or parcels, you can use DHL. If you have around 10kg or more, you can use our cheapest and best regular Economic courier Service. And for more than 100 kg shipments, you can do cargo. Express Courier and Normal Economic Courier are standard door-to-door services. However, cargo service is the door to the airport only. Generally, for less than 100 kg shipments, you can send them via our local economic courier service.



Courier Cargo DHL Pakistan



It means there is a three-way to send a parcel to Pakistan.


  1. Express Courier - DHL and others
  2. Cargo to Pakistan
  3. Economic Courier to Pakistan



Courier Cargo DHL Pakistan Details


1. Express Courier - DHL to Pakistan from Woolwich


It's a door-to-door delivery service which starts from £35 and lasts 3 to 5 days. It's suitable to send docs, parcels, and gifts from 0.5 kg to 20 KG. It's pretty expensive, but express services with full tracking. We ship each day from Monday to Friday. DHL to Pakistan from Woolwich is quite popular in Himal Courier.



2.  Cargo to Pakistan - Air Cargo to Pakistan - Cargo to Pakistan from Woolwich


If you have more than 100 kg shipment, Cargo to Pakistan will be the best option. It's only from the door to the airport. You need to clear the custom and pay the tax. That's why it's suitable for large shipments such as household sold, cakelike, furniture, holidaymakers, and Nstuffffs. We can collect and send from all over the UK. Even you can send it from European countries to our warehouse. Please see the price below.



100 KG + Cargo Rate to Pakistan - Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad via Etihad Airline


  • +100 kilos  £4      Per KG
  • +300 kilos  £3.25 Per KG
  • +500 kilos  £3      Per KG
  • +1000 kilos £2.80 Per KG



3. Economic SEA Courier to Pakistan from London - UK


It takes around two months, and it costs £2.25 per kg. It requires a minimum of 100 KG. A dimensional charge applies if you have a big box and less weight. For Sea Courier or Cargo, there is a £10 admin charge.



4. Economic Air Courier to Pakistan


  • We send weekly, usually taking ten working days to deliver. And you don't need to pay any customs and tax as it's included everything.
  • Rate: £5.5 Per kg ( including customs and charges)
  • Minimum requirement: 20 KG
  • We can also arrange pick-up from anywhere in the UK at an extra cost. Rates can be changed without any notice by airlines, please. Check for updated rates before booking. Terms & Conditions apply. For more details, please call us.



What can we send?


  • Cloths
  • sweets
  • can food, shampoo
  • shoes
  • bags
  • household items etc.



Can we send a TV?


Yes, we can send it, but it will be via sea only, which takes two months, and the price will be £5.5 per inch. And we can send up to 55 inch TV, not more than that. It means we can not send 60 inch TV. The shipper will return you full money if you have a receipt in case of loss and damage.



What can we not send?


Dangerous goods such as Flammable liquids, Perfume, hair spray, deodorant, nail police remover, Dron, Money, batteries, Laptop, Mobile, Body Builders' protein, etc. complete list; please have a look at the prohibited items or dangerous goods.



Now, have a look at Prohibited items – Dangerous Goods


Before you pack, please review the Prohibited items or Dangerous Goods list. These items are not allowed to send via courier cargo.



What will happen if the parcel lost


If it's lost, the shipper will provide £50 per parcel.



Parcel Delay


Sometimes parcels will be late because of customs clearance. So, we can not do any things about that.



At last, Call Pakistan Expert today to find out more info on Courier Cargo DHL Pakistan. For a regular update on Courier Cargo DHL Pakistan, please visit the social media of Himal Courier.




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