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No Junk and Marketing Phone!

Due to numerous calls from marketing agencies and individuals, we removed our phone number from the website to focus on actual customers. Similarly, receiving many calls to inquire about our rates, which are already on our website for the most popular destinations. If there are no rates on your chosen country's page, please fill out the quote form with the destination country, city, and box's length, width, and height in cm. So, we will contact you regarding the charges and the next steps. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate the costs correctly if we do not have this information. Therefore, don't just drop an email without providing the correct information.


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Himal Courier
London - UK,

Please only contact us once you fill out the online form: 07763403835

Registered as Himal Deals Ltd


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We hope you have found all the details; please fill out the form below to contact you for the next step. Similarly, please visit Packing Stuffs if you are looking for shipment stuff.


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