Courier Cargo DHL Angola

Courier Cargo DHL Angola


We offer very cheap Courier Cargo DHL Angola services for Luanda and other cities. Express courier is door to door, but cargo and more than 100 kg plus shipments will only be the door to the airport. You can send less than 100 kg shipments via our economic courier service. We can also arrange pick-up from anywhere in the UK at an extra cost. Rates can be changed without any notice by airlines, pls. So check for updated rates before booking. Terms & Conditions apply.


Courier Cargo DHL Angola


Courier Cargo DHL Angola


  • 1. Courier via DHL 
  • 2. Cargo via Air or Sea
  • Usually, we need receiver and sender, full name, address, email, postcode,/ pin code or zip code with parcel description.


1. Courier – DHL to Angola

If you are looking for express courier service, DHL is the best option. They usually deliver within 3 to 5 working days. These courier services operate very fast and are very secure delivery services to over 220 countries and territories worldwide. In addition, they offer door-to-door delivery services with the option of tracking your parcel for free by text, phone or online and also ensure your package is signed for on delivery.


The price starts from £35. So whether you want to send a parcel to the capital city or any other region of the country, it can be done quickly with a leading courier provider. However, local tax and customs are not included in these services.


DHL to Angola from Woolwich - Courier to Angola near me

Let us know if you want to send an express courier to Angola from Woolwich, London - UK. If you are around the Woolwich area, we can pick you up at an extra cost. You can send via royal mail and Parcel force to our office. Once we receive the parcel, we will send it to Angola as Courier Cargo DHL Angola services.


What can you send on these services?

  • Docs, Gift, Parcel, Mobile, Laptop
  • Excess Baggage, Small Parcels
  • Personal Effect, Dry food, Can Foods

If you are still confused about destination customs and tax, please read our terms and conditions.


2. Air Cargo - Air Freight - Excess luggage - Sea Cargo

It’s generally for large volumes like above 50 or 100 kg parcel/shipment/ barrel, and delivery only to the airport. It means we will deliver up to the airport only within 5 to 7 days. You can send it as below.

  • Personal Effect,
  • Household,
  • NGO / INGO / Charitable Stuffs,
  • Travellers stuff
  • Car / Bike etc.


If you have less than 100 kG, please use our express or economic courier services. Similarly, we do worldwide courier so, please fill the form courier. We use world-leading logistics companies such as DHL. Likewise, we do worldwide cargo/airfreight find the details. We send cargo via Qatar, Turkish Airline etc. airlines.

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