Courier Cargo Ghana

Courier Cargo Ghana


We offer cheap Courier Cargo DHL Ghana service from Woolwich, London, UK, to Kenya’s major cities. Under our logistics service to Ghana, you can send documents and gifts as an express courier, heavy parcels, and excess luggage as Cargo / Airfreight.



Shipping to Ghana from Woolwich


Typically Accra, Ghana, is a pretty popular destination for us. Our client commonly uses DHL to Ghana for express shipping services and cargo / Air Freight for more than 100 kg shipments. As you know, cargo is the door to the Airport only. You can send less than 100 kg shipments via our more reasonable economical courier service.



+100 kilos  £4.50 Per KG
+300 kilos  £3.80 Per KG
+500 kilos  £3.75 Per KG
+1000 kilos £3.50 Per KG
Airline: Air Maroc via Morocco



Courier Cargo DHL Ghana



Parcel Delivery to Ghana from Woolwich


We can also arrange pick-up from anywhere in the UK at an extra cost. Rates can be changed without any notice by airlines, please. Check for updated rates before booking. Terms & Conditions apply. Similarly, we do worldwide couriers for other countries as well. So, please visit the courier form. We use world-leading logistics companies such as DHL. Likewise, we do worldwide cargo/airfreight. Find the details in the Cargo form. We send cargo via Turkish Airlines freight. For more information, please call us. And have a look at our courier form. If you want to know more about DHL, you can visit DHL's website.


If you want to send a parcel or if you want to know more, then please fill out the courier Form. And For all regular updates, visit Himal Courier on Facebook.




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