Shipment Delay in Arrival

Shipment Delay in Arrival - Delay in Arrival


Airlines will not give any compensation in case of delays in arrival at the destination, even if it’s booking in some circumstances, like in any act of GOD (Nature) or for the following reasons. First, as all cargo is scheduled with passenger aircraft, there are some cargo categories; all airlines prefer passenger baggage, Medical stuff, Diplomat mail, and Human Remains perishable goods. And at last, there is dry cargo. If the space for dry cargo is not available in busy periods, they will move to the next available flights.



Shipment Delay in Arrival



Courier Delay


Typically, the courier offers some compensation if they fail to deliver on time. By the way, they have proper terms and conditions.



Delay by Custom


The courier does not delay; however, if delayed by customs, then it’s beyond the courier's control. So, we do have nothing other than offer an apology. And we will respond as below.


Firstly, we offer our most sincere apologies for the delay in your delivery; we wish to inform you that your consignment incurred a delay at our facility as it was subject to an additional security inspection by customs.


Customs are a governed body within that country, and it is primarily their decision to hold and inspect a shipment. Even though the courier company does have a great relationship with Customs worldwide, we regret that we cannot influence any decisions they make or how long they take to inspect a shipment. We understand the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused you. Still, we hope you can understand our duty to comply with our industry's strict guidelines and safeguard our customers, staff, and the general public.



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