Courier to Pakistan

Courier to Pakistan - Shipping to Pakistan from the UK

Courier to Pakistan is our most demanding service. We offer a one-stop service to send gifts, luggage, excess baggage and any type of cargo from the UK to all Pakistan cities. Usually, the client sends Clothes, Shoes, Can food, Chocolate etc., in this service, free of custom on the standard size box.

Courier to Pakistan
Courier to Pakistan

Hassle-Free Courier to Pakistan

If you are around Woolwich and want to send parcels, docs, or boxes, please visit our office based in Woolwich, London - UK. Similarly, if you can not see, then you can send in our address as well. Once we receive your parcel, then we will pack, and send it to Pakistan.

Cost to send Courier to Pakistan

Cost: Per KG £5 and £15 admin/handling per box

  • Time:  Around 10 to 15 Days (Depends on the city)
  • Minimum chargeable weight is 10 KG.
  • Max Weight: as much as you can
  • Box size: Standard
  • Drop location: Woolwich office
  • Custom: Parcel Value must be less then £100

Cost on Dimension

The final price is on the base of the box or luggage’s dimension.

Shipping Electrical items to Pakistan:  

ON extra charge per kg (for example TV, Micro oven etc.) and Client have to pay duties as custom and admin based on the dimension that starts from £15 per box.

Send TV to Pakistan Via Sea Cargo

We send via Sea cargo, and it takes around 10 weeks minimum. And £6 per inch. Its include custom and Tax. Please confirm before place an order as the price can change anytime from airlines.

Send TV to Pakistan Via Air Cargo

We can send TV via Air, but we don't clearance the custom. Its means it's the door to the Airport. So the customer needs to clearance themself.

Sending Mobile, I pad, Laptop to Pakistan

Usually, we use DHL for the express courier. We can send via DHL. All small electronic items such as laptops, I phone, mobile are sent only via DHL. However, it’s not included in DHL services that start from £50, and the Client has to pay duties as custom.

Please Note: Duty able items' duties will not include in this service.

About Pakistan

So, we discuss a lot about this beautiful country, that's why I want to share a short introduction of this naturally beautiful state as below.
Pakistan, officially the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, is a country in South Asia. It is the world’s sixth-most populous country, with a population exceeding 212,742,631 people. In the area, it is the 33rd-largest country, spanning 881,913 square kilometres.

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