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Are you looking for the cheapest and most professional Cargo to India service from the UK? Have you been subject to overcharging? Many people search for the best to send parcels and cargo to the south Asian region. Would you like to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time from your door in the UK to Indian Airport? Before you get in touch, please look at all the details below. It's cargo and door to Indian airports such as New Delhi and Mumbai Airports. It means it will not deliver to the door in India. The reciever need to clear the custom before they collect from the Airport. If you are looking for custom clearance and door delivery, you must choose Economic Courier to India


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We need shipment details such as Weight/Dimension/content/destination address.
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Cargo to India

Cargo to India


Cheapest Parcels and Cargo Shipment


We provide a one-stop, customer-oriented, hassle-free, and cheapest choice for sending parcels and cargo to south Asian countries, including India. Our customer service is exceptional and UK-based, but our sending rates are meagre.


Cargo to India from Woolwich - Cargo to India near me


Please let us know if you are based in Woolwich, London and want to send air cargo. Even you can send the parcel to our office address via royal mail or parcel force.


What can we send?

  • Air Cargo
  • Air Freight
  • Personal Belongings
  • Vehicles Shipping
  • Boxes Shipping
  • Send a Car
  • Container Shipping
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Furniture and Household


Premium Cargo Handling Facilities

We are proud to provide world-leading cargo handling facilities from the UK to any airport, seaport, and street address, anywhere in India. So please, get in touch to see how you can use the cheapest online rates on shipping cargo.


Breakdown of Cargo Cost to India from the UK


Cargo Rate for UK to Delhi Airport Cargo
  • +100 kilos  £3.5 Per Kilo
  • 300 kilos  £3 .25 Per Kilo
  • +500 kilos   £3 Per Kilo
  • +1000 kilos £2.5 Per Kilo

Cargo Rate for UK to Mumbai Airport 


  • +100 kilos  £3.70  per kilo
  • +300 kilos  £3.40 per kilo
  • +500 kilos  £3.20 per kilo
  • +1000 kilos £3 per kilo

Others Charges  for Cargo to India from the UK 

  • £50 Handling Charge
  • Collection charge, if necessary


Sea Cargo to India - Sea Cargo to India from the UK


£3 Per KG but need at least  200 KG as we don't do less than 200 kg for Sea cargo. 



Minimum weight

We need a minimum of 100 KG. You can send it via Air Courier if you have less than that.

Per Box Weight - Box Dimension 

You can keep up to 30 kg in one box. If you have more than 30 kg, you must make another box. And for the dimension, it should not be more than 60 CM  weight.

Pic up charge: It's free from our Woolwich office. However, we can pick it up from your home and offices at an extra cost, starting from £20. But, again, it depends on the area.


What can you send ?:

Clothes and Personal effects.


Can we send Washing Machine, Fridge and TV?

Yes, you can, but you need to pay £550 per expensive items such as Washing Machine, Fridge, TV, etc., which includes pick up from your address in the UK, sear cargo charges, Custom Charges and delivery to your place in India.


What can we not send via SEA Cargo to India?

  • Perfume
  • Alcohol
  • Oil


Sea Cargo to India Time and Departure Date

We send it each end of the month. And it takes around three months to deliver. So its means we collect till the 20th of each month and send the first days of the following month. So once we ship, it takes around three months to deliver in India.


Is there any insurance for eclectic Items?

No, we don't do it.


The express courier will be perfect if you send up to 30 kg of documents. So please visit DHL Courier to India from the UK. At last, If you're going to send or need more information, please check out the Courier Form to India. And once we receive the form, we will contact you for the next step with the correct information and cost. For a regular update, please visit our social media.



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