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Usually, we send a general economic courier to India (Courier India) each Friday. So it would be great full if you handed over stuff by Wed. Similalry, if you have less than 20 kg, we send a parcel to India via DHL express courier services. We can ship these services to almost everywhere in India from the UK. In addition, we will send more than 100 kg via air cargo/air freight. So if you have less than 100 kg, then a courier to India is the best. 


Courier India

Courier India



What are Express Courier,  Economic Courier and Cargo to India? 

There are three ways to send a parcel from the UK to India. The main difference is the time, cost, service, size and weight, and they are as below 

  • A. Express courier (such as DHL),
  • B. Economic courier and
  • C. Cargo


A.  Express Courier ( such as DHL) 

Generally, sending doc or parcel as an express Courier via DHL and another courier to India will take 2 to 5 working days. And it's a little bit costly. The price starts from around £40, so it's best to send Docs, Gift, and Small Parcel urgently. It's a door to door service. It does not require minimum weight. But it would help if you thought about custom as destination custom does not include. It has a weight and height limit, but you expect professional service with a free packing box. If you want to send an express courier service, this option will be the best. Please have a look at Courier to India.


B. Economic Courier - Economic Courier to India from Woolwich - Economic Courier to India from Kent

Standard courier takes around 10 to 15 working days, so it's best for Excess baggage, personal stuff and gift. The price starts from per kg £6, including customs and tax in India. It's a door to door delivery and requires a minimum of 10 Kg. Unfortunately, there is no free packing box in this service. We have explained this briefly below.


C. Air Cargo / Air Freight

It will be suitable if you have more than 100 kg. It takes about 5 to 7 working days from the flight and delivery day until the airport. Cargo service is economical and best suited for sending personal, household, heavy boxes or commercial goods in bulk quantity, even if they are an unusual shape. However, packing needs to be appropriate. There is no free packing box in this service. For more information, please visit Cargo India.


Details of Economic Courier to India

Let's explain our working process. First, you need to fill out the form online, and once we receive it, we will call you to send the sender and reciever ID cards and payments. You need to provide all items list and price as well. 


What can you send?

The client sends Clothes, Shoes, CAN food, Chocolate etc., in this service, free of custom for standard stuff. But if you are shipping expensive clothes and items, you have to pay taxes and duties according to Indian Taxes and customs.


What can't you send?

Electronic Items such as Mobiel, IPad, laptop and Dangarues good such as Perfume, Deodorant, hair spray etc.



£6 Per KG  (Including Custom Tax in India)


Admin Charge: £10

Custom Charge in India: included

Minimum Required Box weight: 20 KG per box

Time:  Up to 15 Working days (Depending on the city & Indian custom).



Drop location - Courier India

Woolwich or kent 


Pick Up from your location.

Yes, it's possible, but it costs you an extra £10 per Box from around the UK. The box should not be more than 30 KG. If you have mak it another box.


Box size:  volumetric or dimensional weight

The volumetric or dimensional weight will calculate and compare with the shipment's actual weight to ascertain more significance; the higher kg is used to calculate the shipment cost. See below T & C for more details. For example, if you have a 10 kg weight and your box dimension is 48CM X 40 CM X 38 CM = 72960  and divided by 5000, which is 14.59, the total weight will be 14.56 KG, not ten kG.


Packing Box:

Visit our office or Click here to buy a box online - Buy box online.



Do we need an ID?

Yes, Sender & Receiver ID ( such as passport, driving licence or Adhar card) is compulsory.


Explain the Packing list

You need to provide all the items which you are sending to India. For example, shirt 5, Jackets 5. It will save our time if you be kind enough to send us a list via email for us before you come.


Can we track?

Yes, you can.


Electrical items:  

£7 per kg (for example, Micro oven, etc.), and the client has to pay duties as Indian custom and admin based on the dimension that starts from £15 per box.


Duties on Electrical items:

You need to pay 50% of the receipt price. It means they need the original purchase receipt as well.


Sending TV to India from the UK?

  • Up to 40 inches = £400 + duties ( 50% of receipt price)
  • Up to 50 inches = £500 + duties ( 50% of receipt price)
  • Up to 60 inches = £600 + duties ( 50% of receipt price)

Mobile, I pad, Laptop – It's not included in this service; however, we send DHL  that starts from £40, and Clint has to pay duties according to Indian custom. If you are happy with this service, you can fill out the form for an easy and quick process.



Form for Economic Courier to India from the UK


For the Courier form, please click for Economic Courier to India.




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