Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance


All non-document shipments from the UK to overseas may require Custom Clearance Payment (local duties & taxes). These fees are not included in our service. Unfortunately, we cannot advise about these charges due to different regulations in different countries. Please check the customs website of the recipient country for more information. However, we are trying to provide information as we know. You might have to pay customs, duties, or taxes if you receive goods from abroad in the UK. They'll inform you about the charges you need to pay. If they fail to pay, then they'll generally hold the parcel. Alternatively, some courier companies pay the costs on behalf of the recipients and collect payment at delivery time. However, it does not mean all courier companies operate this way. In the same way, if you send to another country, that country may charge tax or duties, and the receiver is responsible for paying. Is that make sense? 



Customs Clearance



So What Customs or  Duties or  Taxes?


Customs are a governed body within that country, and it is primarily their decision to hold and inspect a shipment. You may have to pay customs to receive goods from outside the country. Customs charges are usually imposed on valuable goods imported. When your goods arrive at customs, a customs officer evaluates them and declares whether any changes need to pay or not. If yes, a customs officer tells you how much your recipient needs to pay. They have standard rules. So, it depends on what you receive, such as the product's value or items. 



How do we know how much they charge?


You need to check your destination country's customs website. However, please bear in mind that we will not know about it. 



Is there any Delay by the Custom


Yes, there are many causes that the receiver and senders are not aware of, and they are confused about payment. The courier does not delay; however, if delayed by customs, then it's beyond the courier's control. So our response will be as below.


Firstly, we offer our most sincere apologies for the delay in your delivery; we wish to inform you that your consignment incurred awaits at our facility as it was subject to an additional security inspection by customs. Customs are a governed body within that country, and it is primarily their decision to hold and inspect a shipment. Even though the courier company does have a great relationship with Customs worldwide, we regret that we cannot influence any decisions they make or how long they take to inspect a shipment. We understand the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused you. Still, we hope you can understand our duty to comply with our industry's strict guidelines and safeguard our customers, staff, and the general public. We hope you find information about Shipment Delay in Arrival. Click here for a customs clearance payment notice and a regular update.




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