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We offer Cargo to Nepal from the UK (Cargo Nepal). We will be your cargo to Nepal from the UK near me. One polite request to website visitors. Please don't just try to contact us; first, please look at all information and fill out the form below to get the correct information and cost. Cost is based on box weight and dimension. So, once we receive the form, we will contact you for the next step. So what pages do you need to read? Please have a look at it below.




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We hope you have all the information you need to send cargo from the UK to Nepal. However, if you still think we missed something, please also check it out below, where we have provided all the information as per our knowledge step-by-step.



Cargo Nepal



We hope you have read the three pages mentioned above, so let's look at this page.


Different cargo Delivery or shipping options for Nepal


  • Option A: Express Courier to Nepal Via DHL 
  • Option C: Cargo to Nepal (Kathmandu)



Major features of these options:


Weekly Cargo to Nepal from the UK



Option A Option C
Via DHL Via Turkish / Qatar / Air India
Send daily -Any weight. Can send Weekly
Min requires 20 KG +
Need to pay customs in Nepal Need to pay customs in Nepal
Pick up any part of the UK Pick up in the UK at extra cost 
or send via
Royal mail/parcel force / DPD
Ideal for up to 0.1 kg to 20 kg  Perfect for more than 20 kg
 Suitable for small docs, gifts & parcel   Ideal for personal stuff 
Ideal for urgent parcels  Suitable for not urgent parcel
Can Track it via Can track via the airline's cargo website, can
Can send mobiles & laptop No Phones, gold, perfume
- No Dangerous goods / Flammable sign stuff.



Option A: Express Courier to Nepal


It's best for 0.5 kg to 20 KG. If urgent, you can send documents,  letters or parcels with our option A service. We send parcels daily via DHL. Daily means Mon to Friday. The reciever needs to pay customs and duties for dutiable items in Nepal. For the cost, duration and all other information, please visit.: DHL to Nepal from the UK



Option C: Cargo to Nepal (Kathmandu)


It's best for more than 50 KG. Now, please have a look at our popular cargo service to Nepal. Cargo is not suitable for 5 kg or 10 kg, or less than 20KG  kg because express couriers such as DHL will be the best. Check our express courier page for rates. So, shipment is best for 50 kilograms or more until the airport. Then, the reciever must clear the custom and collect the parcel from the custom-house at the Airport in Nepal. We send it every week, and generally, it takes just one week to arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal, but sometimes it takes even more. It depends on the airline's space and availability. See our T & C for more details.


And the  box weight should not be more than 30 KG, and the dimensions of the box must be small than 60 CM long; (if you have a box which has more than 70 CM, then it costs £6.5 per kg)



Cargo Charges to Nepal from the UK


  • +100  KG - £4.10 Per KG
  • +300  KG - £3.10 Per KG
  • +500  KG - £2.99 Per KG



If you have less them 100KG?


Typically, we don't do less than 100 KG cargo and refer to via DHL or other couriers. However, if you are wise to send it, then the cost is below. 


  •  + 50 KG  - £6 Per KG
  •  +20 KG   - £6.5 Per KG 



Others Charge to send Cargo to Nepal from the UK.


  • The UK Pickup charges if needed to pick up.
  • Custom, Tax & its related charges in Nepal: Need to pay in Nepal by the receiver. Check Custom Nepal
  • UK handling: £50



Note: the price is subject to change by the airline. We will advise if it does. Or confirm before placing an order.



Do you collect parcels?


Customers can drop parcels in the warehouse in Feltham; if you can not, you can send them via royal mail, Parcel Force or another local courier to our address or direct delivery to the airport. Or we will collect them with extra charges. We usually charge per box £10, which needs to be 30 kg or less. So if you have over 30 kg boxes, make two boxes or pay extra for a pickup. 


Please review our few client lists if you want to be confident with us.


  • UNICEF - Nepal: From the UK to Nepal. ( Staff's stuff)
  • Book Aid International: From the UK to Nepal ( charity books)
  • Mahesh Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal
  • Idea Action - Nepal  - ( Charity clothes)
  • Himal Holiday - UK  -  (travels' stuff)
  • Touch The Himalaya Treks & Expedition - (Trekkings' stuff)
  • Forward Academy for Dental Nurses - Woolwich
  • Countless other Clients since 2012.



Now, have a look; what can you send?


  • Flat TV/ Excess Baggage /Personal Effect/ House stuff
  • Trekking/travels stuff
  • Aid staff/ INGO / UN mission staff
  • Students Stuff
  • For beauty products, if there are no flammable signs or dangerous goods signs.



What can't we send? - Prohibited items - Dangerous Goods - Flammable




Packing Stuff for Cargo Nepal from the UK


You can visit our office to pack stuff such as boxes, bags, wraps, and taps, or if you need help seeing our office, look at the below link to buy online Packing Stuff.



What do you think about shipment tracking?


Yes, you can. It's fully trackable. Our Turkish cargo can track on the below link.



Term & Conditions of Cargo and Air Freight


You can visit our Cargo to Nepal terms and conditions page before you fill Cargo Nepal terms and conditions page before filling out the form below.



Any questions?


We hope; you get all the information about sending a parcel to Nepal. But which option would you like to choose? For example, if you choose option C, Air Cargo to Nepal, then fill out the Cargo Form. On the other hand, if you want to choose option A, please click Express Courier to Nepal Via DHL above, and you will see the details and form.



Cargo to Nepal near me Cargo to Nepal from Woolwich - Cargo to Nepal from Kent


If you want to send a parcel to Nepal, visit or send it via royal mail or parcel force if you are still looking for our office. Once we receive the package, please inform us about Cargo to Nepal from the UK or courier to Nepal from the UK. Finally, could you fill out the form above? Once we receive the form, we will contact you for the next step.



Difference between Courier & Cargo


Courier is suited for sending letters, documents, and small parcels. It offers the advantage of speed, security, tracking, signature and specialisation over regular mail services. However, due to this, they tend to be more expensive than standard mail services. For express courier, ie. DHL. Cargo is cheaper but slower and mainly refers to a large consignment of goods or products. Most of our air cargo freight flies from all the major airports in the UK to Kathmandu Airport. We can arrange to pick up your goods from anywhere in London. However, a collection charge may apply. We have our contract office in Kathmandu, Nepal.




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