Shipping Nepal

Shipping Nepal


We have an exceptional service for shipping Nepal from the UK. You can send documents, clothes, parcels, gifts, excess luggage, etc. We have a complete shipping solution. We are based in Woolwich, London. Would you please visit all Nepal shipping pages for more information?



Shipping Nepal



Send Your Luggage to Nepal


Do you want to send your baggage to Nepal from the UK or any other European country? We offer a reasonable price to send luggage via a world-leading courier service to ship to Nepal. Travel to Kathmandu or any city in Nepal, sending your luggage ahead with Hiaml Courier.



How can I send a parcel to Nepal?


You can send a parcel to Nepal for as little money as possible with Himal Courier. We offer reasonable parcel shipping or delivery services to Nepal from Woolwich, London - UK. We have great shipping prices with world-leading logistic companies to deliver goods from the UK to Nepal, which are considerably cheaper.



Please visit our popular page for Nepal and fill out the courier or cargo form, Courier to Nepal. For shipping the Nepal form and for a regular update, please visit Courier Youtube Channel.





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