Business Shipment to Nepal

Business Shipment to Nepal - Parcel for Online Shopping business in Nepal


Hello everyone, are you seeking an economic courier partner for Business Shipment to Nepal? Are you a business owner based in Nepal? Or Do you want to open an online shopping business in Nepal? Are you thinking of bringing stuff from the UK and selling it in Nepal? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We have a solution for all. So if you have less than 100 kg, please visit the main page of Courier to Nepal from the UK for all the latest rates. Or if you have more than 100 KG, please visit Cargo to Nepal from the UK.



Business Shipment to Nepal



Shopping Delivery to Nepal from the UK


We have many customers who want to do business in Nepal. They want to buy stuff in the UK, and they want the courier / Cargo to Nepal to sell in Nepal. If you have a physical business or plan to open, do it as usual. However, if you don't plan to do online business or try online trade, Okdam Pvt will be the best solution. You can open, create a seller account and display your products. The customer will pay to OkDam Pvt Ltd., and Okdam Pvt Ltd's driver will come to collect items with payment. Then they will deliver to the client's address. OKDam Pvt. Ltd. is raising online shopping in Nepal.



What is OKDam Pvt Ltd ? -


It's an online marketplace like Alibaba. Anyone with knowledge of business or fresh candidates can create a seller account and list their products and items. OK, Dam Pvt Ltd is Nepal's leading online shopping marketplace. It is also perfect for fresh graduates or unemployed youth. They love to welcome all for the biggest platform for searching the market for their goods. Sell away with so much ease and comfort by making your preferred Online market in Kathmandu for selling your valuable products online.



Parcel for Online Shopping business in Nepal


If you want to Cargo to Nepal, electronics items, food, British or international big-brand chocolate, hatching birds eggs, etc., to Nepal for commercial purposes, don't hesitate to contact us.




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