Tips for fragile parcels

Tips for fragile parcels



One of the most significant advancements made in the 21st century is the interconnectedness of people, with interactions between us being possible from one corner of the earth to another. One of the most significant differences is how parcels are shipped. Over time with much better transportation and services, shipping goods from one country or continent to another has become much easier and cheaper. With cheaper and more efficient shipping, many more products are being bought and transported daily. Unfortunately, many of them are what many would consider fragile. Moving fragile goods can be slightly different as they might be susceptible to breaking, requiring extra attention. Therefore, looking at how to ship or carry fragile parcels correctly and what to know when doing so is essential.




tips for fragile parcels





Why is it essential to pack fragile parcels differently?


Professionally Packaging a fragile parcel is essential because it will be more likely to break if it is not. In that case, the item becomes worthless. For people packing the boxes or responsible for sending them to someone, a shipment not appropriately packed will mean that a lot of the fault falls on you and makes the whole thing an unpleasant experience. For example, we take a car care company like My Transmission Experts, which will likely import fragile car parts worldwide. For a company like that, it is essential to receive their shipments on time and in good shape because they are responsible to other customers. Many companies that provide car parts will give high importance to packaging. If shipments or parcels break, My Transmission Experts will go to another car part store.




Even when shipping to individuals or giving a parcel to a person we know, proper packaging ensures that the receiving person gets their item intact. Packaging a fragile box is much less time-consuming than the hassle and work you must go through if the parcel breaks. A broken parcel will mean the item is worthless to the person receiving the package. Still, even if they can claim the item's value, the work they must do is much more than packing a parcel needs. Suppose the item in the parcel has some sentimental value or can't be replaced. In that case, the improperly sealed box hurts more.




How to pack fragile parcels


Knowing that packing fragile parcels is essential and learning how to prepare the packages are two completely different things. However, below are crucial things to remember when packing fragile items.



  • Choosing the correct box: the perfect size for your package must be slightly more significant than the item itself. It ensures that the thing will not move around everywhere and stay put.
  • Proper protection inside the box: it is essential to cushion the item so it doesn't break properly. Many fragile items like electronics come in packaging that includes styrofoam protection ensuring the thing doesn't move around. If that is not available, use protective tools such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or air pillows. 
  • Let the shipping company know it's fragile: Many shipping companies will have different ways they handle delicate items, but you must let them know it's weak. On top of that, having a sticker or indication on the box helps a lot as it adds more information. Letting them know it's fragile and shipping it as a delicate item also assures that the company will be responsible if it breaks.




Receiving or picking up a shipped fragile item


There isn't much he has to do for the person receiving it when taking the item. Still, it is crucial to consider some essential things.

Like any package, the first thing to look at is the condition of the box and if the seal is intact. Never sign off on a packet if both these things are not there. Shipping companies wouldn't blame you if you signed on a damaged box or a box with a broken seal.

For items in the box that happen to be broken, contact the supplier or the shipping company. Often damaged, fragile items can be compensated for by contacting the responsible party. It is also important to them that you are satisfied as many companies would not want to lose valuable customers, and the whole thing might have just been a mistake.




At last, hope you like our tips for sending sensitive or breakable items. Please explore Tips To Ensure Quick and Timely Delivery of Parcel.




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