Shipping to Nepal from the UK

Shipping to Nepal from the UK


Due to the pandemic, Currently, we are not accepting new customers. So, fill out the express courier form if you want to send a parcel of up to 99 KG. We ship via DHL (Sipping to Nepal from the UK), and if you have more than 100 KG, please fill out the cargo form.

We will not accept new customers until Dec 2022 once the situation has improved.


We do send the parcel as Hassle-free shipping to Nepal from the UK. In other words, widely used for cargo, air freight, excess luggage, courier, parcel delivery etc. Hassle-free means the receiver will not pay anything to receive in Nepal. It means no need to appoint a custom clearance Agent, no customs charges, and no duties tax. We include everything, such as custom charge duties. The receiver will call our Nepal office to pick up the parcels.


Delivery Cities in Nepal - Kathmandu and All Major City

Meantime, We are sending to Kathmandu and all major cities of Nepal such as Chitwan, Biratnagar, Dharan, Birtamod/ Damak, Butwal, Bhairahawa etc.



Shipping to Nepal from the UK



Usually, it's best for more than 5 KG and less than 50 KG shipments.

So, please look at economical shipping to Nepal from London-UK as below.



Personal Economic Shipment

In this personal economic shipment, you should not keep any items of more than five quantities. For example, if you send a male shoe size ten, it should not be more than five quantities. You can send different items but not the same Stuff, more than 5. Usually, it's best for personal or gift items. And the price will be as below: what about Commercial Economic Shipment? Let's have a look below:


Commercial Economic Shipment

If you wish to send more than five exact quantities, it's called commercial shipment. So, for example, if you have a Nike shoe size number of 10 with more than five pieces, Custom will declare it a commercial shipment. So, It's best for business customers. And the price will be as below.


Minimum Requirement

Minimum required: Normally, we need 10 KG. If you have less than 10 KG, then please see as below,


I have less than 5 Kg? Do you have any solution?

Yes, we have a solution. See as below


Collection / Drop Point:  Drop in our office in Woolwich or send via local Courier like Royal Mail, Parcel Force etc.


Final Weight & Box size

The volumetric or dimensional weight will calculate and compare with the shipment's actual weight. The higher weights (KG) are used to calculate the shipment cost. 
Packing Box: your responsibility or you can buy with us (£5 per box)
Custom and local duties: Nothing to pay in Nepal

Pick up in Nepal: For Kathmandu need to collect from our Kathmandu ( Thamel ) office.


Usually, it takes 7 to 10 days, but it depends on the volume and situation.

Packing box - Hassle-free shipping to Nepal from the UK

We suggest buying a packing box and wrapping it. Or bag as below and lock by number padlock. Sometimes custom offers want to open for cross-checking to do their job without damaging the bag. Typically, boxes and suitcases are damaged during the process.


Duration and time?

Its depends. We send it each week. However, sometimes we will get less than our target, so that we will hold for one week or more once 100 to 200 kg. It takes around 10 to 15 days to deliver in Nepal. However.


if there is Delay in Arrival


Whatever circumstances you have made a booking, Airlines will not give any compensation in case of delays in arrival at the destination. First, as all cargo is scheduled with passenger aircraft, there are some priorities in cargo categories; all airlines prefer passenger baggage, then Diplomat mail and Human Remains perishable goods. Finally, there is dry cargo. If the space for dry cargo is not available in busy periods, they will move to the next available flights. So, it's not suitable for urgent delivery, so you need to choose option A, Express DHL courier services.



What can you send?

  • Clothes, Shoes, Sweets, Can foods, personal Items, Excess Baggage / Personal Effects/ House stuff
  • Trekking/travels' Stuff
  • Aid Stuffs/ INGO / UN mission's Stuff
  • Students Stuffs


What can't we send? – Prohibited items – Dangerous Goods

What are your general terms and condition for Nepal?


Shipping to Nepal from the UK

So, now, we are confident that you know all our terms and condition with the required information. If you are happy to send it to us, please fill out the form below. Please send the list separately via email once you fill out the form below. Email-id is info (at) and for a regular update, please visit social media



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