Shipping Dangerous Goods

Shipping Dangerous Goods - Transport Dangerous Goods - Courier DG

We do not send Dangerous Goods. So, right now, you can not send Aerosols, Perfume, Batteries (Lithium Ion), Nail Varnish,  Paints, mobile and other flammable items. For more details, please visit the website: Dangerous Goods. We are not sending it right now, but would you mind filling out the courier form if you want to send a courier? Once we receive the filled form, we can suggest sending or referring you. You don't need to worry if you are far from our office. You can send it to our office address. Once we receive it, then we will do require paperwork and send it.


Similarly, If you are looking for courier and cargo-related packing stuff, please visit this website and buy boxes, tape, wrapping, etc. Courier and Cargo packing stuff. For regular updates, please visit our social media.




Would you please check out some of the Dangerous Goods?




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