Send Money to Nepal

Send Money to Nepal


Do you want to send money to Nepal? Please compare with different companies and find the best and send it. For example, IME merged with Ria, so it's pretty popular in Nepal. A couple of years ago, Ria and IME combined, so in the UK, you are sending via Ria, and you will get payment from IME bank or IME payout location in Nepal. They have a great local network all over Nepal. You need a government-issued ID card to Send and Receive the money. So, you can send money from the UK to anywhere in Nepal.



Send Money to Nepal

Send Money to Nepal



How much money can I send?


You can send up to £4999 per money transfer per day. However, please be advised that the max amount you can send in 30 days is £4999. If you want to send more than this, we ask you to visit our office. Exceptions to the money transfer limits may vary based on several factors, including:


  • Your location
  • Your recipient's location
  • The service you choose
  • Your payment method
  • Agent location limits
  • Receiving the country's limits


You need additional instructions if you would like to send more than this.



What are the possible options for sending money from the UK to Nepal?


  • Western Union
  • MoneyGram
  • WorldRemit
  • Lycaremit


But based on the rate and local payout location, Ria Money Transfer is the best for Nepal.


Anyway, If you want to send and receive money, please visit Ria. And know more about money transfer than have a look at Money Transfer.




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