Ria Money Nigeria

Ria Money Nigeria


Our Ria Money Nigeria client has a unique service from our office. Please visit our office to send money from the UK to Nigeria or if you wish to collect/pick up or payout. We need a government ID card to send or receive the funds.



Ria Money Nigeria

Ria Money Nigeria



RIA Money Transfer in Nigeria from the UK



We are pleased that RIA Money is the third-largest money transfer service globally. This company works in more than 149 countries with 314,000 locations. As a result, It offers full tracking that is user-friendly and reliable.



I want to send money to Nigeria; where can my recipient pick up the money?



Generally, we work with a handful of banks in Nigeria, giving you a few different options to choose from. In addition, you can use our Find a Location tool to find a bank closest to your recipient. While your recipient doesn’t need an open account at the bank, please make sure the name you enter precisely matches your recipient’s ID.



Why was my transfer declined?



Because your security is our top priority, we go the extra mile to confirm that customers make all money transfers. However, it may be declined if we detect suspicious activity and cannot guarantee that an existing customer made the transfer. In addition, certain money transfers may sometimes not meet Ria’s internal policies or may be rejected due to European or global regulatory compliance.


Finally, if you are interested in sending and receiving money via ria, please visit the nearest money transfer agent and learn more about money transfer, then look at Money Transfer.




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