Nepali National Dress in the UK

Nepali National Dress in the UK - Dhaka Topi 


If you are looking for wholesale Nepali traditional dress, Dhaka Dress or clothes, don't hesitate to contact us. We provide Nepali National Dress in the UK - Nepalese Dress in London at the best price. We have storage in England and South East London to buy single or wholesale.  The Dhaka Topi is a traditional Nepali hat which is often worn on special occasions, festivals, and weddings. It is considered a symbol of Nepali culture. Dhaka fabric, which is usually a handwoven cotton or silk cloth with intricate patterns and vibrant colours, is used to make the Dhaka Topi. Featuring a flat crown and a curved brim, the Dhaka Topi has a distinctive shape. Its design varies from region to region and from person to person. As part of the traditional Nepali attire for men, the Dhaka Topi often symbolizes national pride. It is commonly paired with the daura Suruwal, which is the traditional Nepali dress for men, consisting of a knee-length shirt and loose trousers. Together, the Dhaka Topi and Daura Suruwal form the national dress of Nepal. In addition to being worn during special occasions, the Dhaka Topi is also a fashion statement worn by many Nepalese men. It is often given as a token of hospitality to foreigners and visitors. Overall, the Dhaka Topi is an important cultural and historical item in Nepal and represents the heritage and traditions of the country.



Dhaka Topi Near Me - Dhaka Products in the UK


Our team has its own textiles factory in Kathmandu - Nepal and has an alliance with other manufacturers in Nepal to sell traditional Nepalese clothes in the UK and Europe. Traditional clothes mean Cap, Daurasulwal, coat, Khada etc.



Nepali National Dress in the UK

Dhaka Products Storage in the UK



We have a larger capacity to sell traditional Nepali Dhaka products in the UK and Europe. Once you place an order, we usually deliver within a few days.



What can You buy?


Single Dhaka Products


  • Dhaka Topi: £6
  • Dhaka Tie: £5
  • Dhaka Bag: £30
  • Ladies' skit: £15
  • Dhaka Coat - Blazer: £60
  • Pasni Set: £60



Wholesale Dhaka Products price list


  • Dhaka Topi: £3
  • Dhaka Tie: £2.5
  • Dhaka Bag: £25
  • Ladies' skit: £10
  • Dhaka Coat - Blazer: £45
  • Pasni Set: £45





Once we receive the payment, we will send it the same or the next day. If you have over 20 quantities, we ship them via DHL's next-day delivery. Otherwise, we post via Royal Mail.



Nepalese Traditional Cloth near me

We can provide traditional Nepalese cloth or Dhaka cloth. For example, Dhaka Cap and Daura Suruwal.  "Daura Suruwal" is a traditional Nepali outfit that is commonly worn by men for special occasions, cultural events, or formal attire. It consists of two main components: 

  • Daura: The Daura is the upper part of the outfit, a knee-length, double-breasted shirt with eight strings (Kalis) used to fasten it. It has a unique wrap-around style and is typically made of cotton or silk fabric. The Daura has five pleats, representing the five elements of nature.
  • Suruwal: The Suruwal is the lower part of the outfit, which is a loose-fitting, pleated trouser that reaches the ankles. It is usually made of cotton fabric and is worn with a belt.

Daura Suruwal is often complemented with a waistcoat (Bhoto), a traditional hat (Dhaka Topi), and a long scarf (Kachhad) draped around the shoulder. It is considered a symbol of Nepali cultural identity and is worn during festivals, weddings, formal ceremonies, and other traditional occasions. Please note that while we provide information about Daura Suruwal based on general knowledge, specific details or style variations may exist within different regions or communities in Nepal.



If you want to buy the product from eBay, please visit Dhaka Topi, and if you're going to order wholesale, please fill out the Dhaka Product contact form.




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