DHL Plumstead Common

DHL Plumstead Common – Courier Plumstead Common

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DHL Plumstead Common
DHL Plumstead Common
A wiggling chain of open spaces covering an undulating plateau in south Plumstead, linking to Winn’s Common in the east

The parish workhouse stood at Winn’s Common in the 18th century, and a windmill was built on Plumstead Common in 1764. Villas and terraces of houses began to appear on Plumstead Common Road in the 1840s. This was when parishioners made the most of their grazing rights on the common, and there were objections when the landowners, Queen’s College, Oxford, began to enclose some of the lands.

The situation worsened in 1871 when the college granted the army permission to use the common ground, and the right of public access was withdrawn. When the leader of a protest march was imprisoned, commoners rioted to secure his release.

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