Courier Cargo to Nepal from Maidstone

Courier Cargo to Nepal from Maidstone


Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to send Courier Cargo to Nepal from Maidstone, Kent - England. We regularly send from this area. Many British Gurkha Army Families wish to send their stuff to Nepal via DHL Express or Cargo. We can pick it up from Gurkha Army Camp as well. Please visit the main page of Courier to Nepal from the UK for all the latest rates.



Courier Cargo to Nepal from Maidstone



DHL to Nepal from Maidstone - Courier to Nepal from Maidstone


Typically, DHL will be the best option for sending an express courier. They deliver between 3 to 7 working days. But during Covid 19 time, it might take longer. And the reciever needs to pay customs if it's required.



DHl to Nepal from Maidstone near me - Cargo to Nepal from Maidstone


If you know the weight and box dimensions, you can drop them in our office in Woolwich or send a driver to pick them up. If your packing is not ready, request us to pick up extra money to pick it up, do the pack, and send it to the destination. If interested, please fill out the courier form so our logistic consultant can contact you with more details. And for packing boxes and materials, please check and buy online.




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Similarly, If you want to send from the UK to the next day UK or Europe delivery with tracking, please check out DHL Parcel. It is slightly cheaper than DHL Express, mainly for the UK and Europe. DHL Parcel Delivery and Click for alternative national and International Cheap Parcel Delivery from only £1.89 plus VAT