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We are a small company offering courier service to send Docs, Gift, Parcels and Excess Bags. We are using all the modes of transport available to move goods worldwide. We have relationships with leading global carriers, including DHL. And this enables us to offer the best possible rates for national and international Express and Economy delivery services from the UK to almost anywhere in the world. In addition, the client can import from anywhere worldwide into the UK with our import service. We also offer regular European Economic Road shipment and worldwide Cargo / Airfreight. In these services, you can send Personal Effects, such as Excess Baggage, Household furniture, Bicycles, Motor vehicles, Office furniture & so on.

First, please look at your destination country page under the menu. For popular destinations, we have mentioned courier and cargo rates. Once you read all the details, including terms and conditions, please complete the form if you are convinced. Then our staff members will contact you with the correct charges and the next steps.


Or, if you have some questions or need help finding your country page, you can also submit a quote form (https://www.himalcourier.com/quote).


But please only drop an email if providing the correct and complete information, such as destination city, box weight, length, width, height etc. And most popular forms are as below.




Specific country forms



Due to numerous calls from marketing agencies and individuals, we removed our phone number from the website to reduce these calls and focus on actual customers. Similarly, receiving many calls to inquire about our rates, which are already on our website for the most popular destinations. 

If there are no rates on your chosen country's page, please fill out the quote form with the destination country, city, and box's length, width, and height in cm. So,  we will contact you regarding the next steps. Unfortunately, we cannot calculate the charges correctly if we do not have this information. 

If you know the rates and details, could you fill out the courier, cargo, or import form straightway? After that, one of our representatives will reach out to you. 

Therefore, provide the correct information before dropping an email. Instead, please use one of the following forms.


We do mainly express couriers such as DHL. UK next day, Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa. Similalry, we do economic courier for India, Pakistan and Nigeria. 

For Cargo: We do only more than 100 kg. You must fill out this quote form to get the rate (Quote Link). We don't have a per kg rate as rates are based on weight and dimension. 

Please don't just drop an email without providing the correct and complete information such as destination city, box weight, length, width, height etc. Instead, please use one of the following forms.


Specific country forms

Yes, you can, and the process is simple. Would you please fill the courier form https://www.himalcourier.com/courier-form)? A member of the team will contact you with courier charges and our address to send your parcel?  Once you receive our warehouse address then you can send via royal mail, parcel force, DPD etc. Once its arrive in our warehouse or address then we will do measurement and provide you with correct charges. 

Yes, right now, we are doing economic courier to India, Pakistan and Nigeria only. In this economic courier, you pay everythings here, including customs. So please have a look at these countries' pages for rates and all related information. Then, fill out the courier form once you are happy with our details and terms and conditions (https://www.himalcourier.com/courier-form). Or, if you need further information, then please fill the quote form (https://www.himalcourier.com/quote). 

Yes, we do. Each country has different cargo rules and information. So, please have a look country's page from the menu, as there is country-specific cargo information. If you like it, fill the cargo form with box weight and dimension (height and width on CM). Once we receive the form, we will contact you for further processing with the rate. Only contact us once you have the box's weight and dimensions as, without this information, we can not give you the correct charges.



Do you have a per kg rate?

Not really, as the rate goes up and down regularly, so we do not promise.



Cargo Form: Cargo Form Link

Quote: Quote Link

Yes, we do. But same as above, Fill the import form with the receiver country, city, box weight and dimension (length, height and width on CM). Same as courier and cargo, our team member will contact you for further process with a rate.


Import Form: Import Form Link

Check Volumetric Weight

For DHL Courier

For Cargo

For Other Courier / 4000

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Docs  | Gift  |  Parcels  |  Excess Bags

Docs | Gift | Parcels | Excess Bags Detail Services

Express Courier

Express courier service from world leading carries, to send documents, parcels, gift from UK to anywhere around the world.

Economic Courier

For India, Pakistan, Nigeria we have economic air and sea services.

Excess Baggage

Send your excess baggage with us, it will at destination before you reach. Literately, it will economically than airlines charges.

Air or Sea Cargo

We offer Air cargo or Sea Cargo from the uK to anywhere around the world. its require more 50 kg or more.

Freight Services

Send your parcel via our road freight. it will best for European Countries from the UK.


We do import Docs, Parcel from anywhere around the work to UK via DHL or others leading couriers.


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