Special Offers

Special Offers – Deals

We do provide different special offers, regular deals and discount. So please visit our Facebook for regular update. 

Happy Chinese New year to our Chinese customers ???

Send gifts and parcels to your loved one and get £6 off from 1st -16th of February on EU Economy or International Courier & Cargo service.


Special Offers

Special Offers



❤❤❤❤❤❤ Special Offer for our Customers for Valentines Day>>>❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


Send gifts and parcels to your loved one and get  £7 off from the 1st-14th of February on  EU Economic or International Courier & Cargo service.



Discount for Regular & Social Media  friends

We always offer at-least £5 discount for our social media friends  & regular customers on EU Economy / International Courier, Cargo & Travel service.
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Do we love it? N

Are our popular destinations started from N, and they are not other than N fir Nigeria ?? and N for Nepal ??. If you are sending docs to these countries in this N for November, then we will offer N for Nine £9 discount.

N for Nigeria ??
N for Nepal ??
N for November
N for Nine

Note: Offer is valid till 30 Nov 2017


Finally, for all up to date special offer, please visit our social media and if you want to buy packing stuff, then visit the link.