Ria Money Ghana

Ria Money Ghana

As a Ria Money Ghana, we have an exceptional service for Woolwich – London. It has recently become a middle-income country. So, in fact, Ghana is not a developing country. Therefore, you can send money to your family and loved ones. Please visit a money transfer agent with your ID. likewise; you can receive the money from around the world. While receiving the money, you need to bring your ID card and PIN.

Ria Money Ghana
Ria Money Ghana

Delivery Options

What delivery options are available?

To make sending even easier, we offer three different delivery options to get money to your recipient:

  • Cash pickup
  • Bank deposit
  • Home delivery

Cash pickup

To pick up cash in person, your recipient will need a valid government-issued photo ID and the order number found on their receipt. In addition, your recipient’s name on the order must exactly match the name on their photo ID. Visit our Find a Location tool to find a Ria payout location closest to your recipient.

Bank deposit

We offer bank deposits to most major banks worldwide. To deposit your money transfer directly to your recipient’s account, you need to know their bank account number and/or their BSB/IBAN/IFCS number (depending on what country your recipient’s bank is located in).

Home delivery

We offer a courier service that delivers your money transfer right to your recipient’s home or office in select countries. For example, we currently offer home delivery in the following countries:

  • Armenia
  • Hungary
  • Morocco
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Dominican Republic

How does home delivery work?

If you chose to have your money sent via home delivery, a courier would bring the money directly to your recipient’s home or office. Please note that your recipient’s name on the order must exactly match the name on their photo ID to complete the home delivery.

If you are interested to send and receive money, please visit Ria. And know more about money transfer then visit Money Transfer.