Ria Money Dartford

Ria Money Dartford

For our Dartford area’s client, we have special service as Ria Money Dartford. You can send Ria Money transfer from our office to anywhere around the world. We need sender and reciever details such as full name, phone, address and sender ID. Similarly, you can receive ( Pick Up) money. if they send you via Ria Money. Just we need a reciever ID card and pin number.

Ria Money Dartford

When will my recipient receive the money?

Orders are sent to banks within 15 minutes*. All money transfers to Nigeria will take an additional two working days to deposit the funds into your recipient’s account once the order has been paid. *If your money transfer goes under review, your order payout may incur additional delays.

Why was my transfer put in review?

Your security is our number one priority. If we detect suspicious activity, your money transfer may be placed in review to ensure it is, in fact, you who initiated the transfer.

In other cases, we are required to gather additional information regarding a money transfer per the UK or global regulatory compliance. This might cause a delay in your transfer process but is essential in protecting you and meeting legal requirements.

If you are interested to send and receive money, please visit our office: https://www.himalcourier.com/contact-us/. For more information, please visit Ria.