Customs Clearance


If you are receiving good from aboard, then you might be pay custom or duties or tax. Its dependant on what you are receiving. Its means before receiving your goods, you may have to pay customs. They’ll send you a bill stating exactly which fees you need to pay. If not, then they’ll normally hold the parcel. So, don’t surprise if the reciever being asked to pay customs duties and taxes. And you must know one thing: Customs charge duties and taxes in the destination country, and the receiver is responsible for paying them. Some courier pays the charges on the receiver’s behalf and collects money from the receiver before or on delivery. Its does not mean that all the courier do the same.

So What are Duties and Taxes?

When receiving goods from outside the country, you have to pay customs to have your goods released into the country. Let’s take the UK as a sample. If you are receiving anythings from aboard then, as we mentioned above, you might need to pay tax.

What is UK Duty
For example, it depends on the products and custom value declaration. Different items have different duty rating/percentage. Check it out for more info

And its implement same for tohers countries as well.

Is there any Delay by Custom

Yes, there are many causes that the receiver and senders are not aware and they confused about payment. Basically, courier does not delay; however, if delay by custom, then it’s beyond courier control. Our response will be as below.

We want to offer our most sincere apologies firstly for the delay in your delivery; we wish to inform you that your consignment incurred a delay at our facility as it was subject to an additional security inspection by customs. Customs are a governed body within that country, and it is primarily their decision to hold and inspect a shipment. Even though the courier company does have a great relationship with Customs worldwide, we regret that we cannot influence any decisions they make or how long they take to inspect a shipment. We understand the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused you. Still, we hope you can understand our duty to comply with the strict guidelines that govern our industry and safeguard our customers, staff, and the general public.

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