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Courier Nepal –  Courier to Nepal from the UK – Shipping – Docs – Parcel to Nepal

If you want to send a courier to Nepal (Courier Nepal) from the UK, please contact us. Nepal Introduction for Courier Nepal. A Himalayan natural beautiful country with the world tallest Mt Everest and Lord Buddha’s birthplace and brave Gurkhas. It is located mainly in the Himalayas but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. With an estimated population of 26.4 million, it is the 48th largest country by population and 93rd largest country by area.

Courier Nepal
Courier Nepal

What is Courier?

Courier is suited for sending letters, documents & small parcels. It offers the advantage of speed, security, tracking, signature and specialization over ordinary mail services. However, due to this, they tend to be more expensive than ordinary mail services.

What is Cargo?

Cargo is cheaper but slower and mainly refers to a large consignment of goods or products. If you are sending a TV or have more than 20 Kg, we recommend Cargo Nepal

Daily Courier to Nepal – DHL to Nepal – Courier Nepal

Daily means from Monday to Friday. We have a discounted rate for Nepal and world-leading courier companies like DHL. 

Via DHL – Courier Nepal

Special 2021 Rate – DHL Courier to Nepal

Please note this rate is not for remore area

Up to 0.2 kg ( Docs)   : £30 – Envolve Number 1 ( 30 X 25 X 1 ) CM
Up to 0.5 kg ( Docs)   : £32 – Envolve Number 1 ( 30 X 25 X 1 ) CM
Up to 0.5 KG ( Non docs) : £35 – Envolve Number 1 ( 30 X 25 X 1 ) CM
Up to 1.5 Kg : £45  Box no: 2 ( 33 x 18 x 10) CM
up To 3 Kg : £55     Box no: 3 ( 33 x 32 x 10) CM
Up to 6 Kg: £75     Box no  4 ( 33 x 32 x 18) CM
Up to 10 kg : £120  Box no: 5 ( 33 x 32 x34) CM
Up to 16 kg : £170   Box no: 6 ( 41 x 35 x 36) CM
Up to 25 kg : £185 Box no : 7 ( 48 x 40 x38) CM
Up to 30 KG : £220 Box no 8 ( 55 X 45 X 40) CM

Do you have more than 30 KG?

For other weight, please fill this below courier Nepal ( courier to Nepal from the UK form) with box weight and box dimension such as Length, Height and width on CM so that Logistic Consultant will contact you with the correct price. There is no limit to send.

Duration :

DHL : 3 to 5 working days ( Normally, but not during Pandemic)
Couriers standard terms & conditions apply to the delivery of all goods. The actual transit time for your shipment is likely to be longer if your customs authorities deem your shipment as having a high value.

A free Packing box for DHL Clients:

Please bring your stuff; we will provide you with a free packing box for DHL client from 1 to 5 number box.

Remote Area Delivery: 

Its possible but extra Charge applies. 

Custom & Local Duties : 

All non-documents shipment to Nepal may be subject to local duties & taxes payable at Kathmandu – Nepal, beyond our service charge. We cannot offer advice on these charges, so we recommend visiting the Nepal customs website for more details. But we can guess will be up to 40% of the total shipment value.  Its means some items may charge for 5% or some might be charged 20%.

Customs duty will be ultimately determined by the evaluating customs officer, generally, for personal shipments. There will be a minimum warehouse, transit and loader charge in addition to duties. It means DHL and others also do in Nepal are also Door to Door, but for non-docs shipments, such as gifts, the Receiver will actively participate in customs clearance. If you have more question, please let us know; we are just one call far way.

What you can send?

  • Docs, Passport, Gift Items, Excess Baggage
  • Personal Effect, Trekking / Travels’ stuff
  • INGO / UN mission’s Stuff
  • Mobile / I pad/ Laptop


The following items will NOT be accepted for carriage by DHL. This list includes prohibited items for carriage by any law, regulation or statute of any federal, state or local government of any country from, to or through which the items may be carried. For international carriage, there may be additional prohibited items specified by the country of destination. DHL may, at its sole discretion, refuse to carry other items not listed below

  • Alcohol
  • All Samsung Galaxy Note7 and Samsung Note7 devices
  • Antiques, works of art and fine art with an individual value over £5,000
  • Bullion (of any precious metal)
  • Cash (legal tender – bank notes, currency notes, coins) and traveller’s cheques
  • Clinical and/or biological samples (including but not limited to bodily fluids and tissue samples)
  • Complete original and imitation firearms and firearm parts (including rifle butts, trigger mechanisms, screws/bolts etc., which are manufactured for the sole purpose of creating a functional firearm), ammunition, explosives / explosive devices.
  • Dangerous/hazardous goods including but not limited to perfumes, aftershaves, aerosols, flammable substances, dry ice, biological substances, UN classified dangerous goods and any goods specified as such under International Air Transport Association regulations (“IATA”), the Agreement on Dangerous Goods by Road (“ADR”) or International Maritime Dangerous Goods (“IMDG”) regulations.
  • Electronic cigarettes, Furs, Human remains or ashes
  • Hunting (animal) trophies, animal parts such as ivory and sharks fin, animal remains or ashes, or animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption, prohibited for movement by the CITES Convention/or local law.
  • Illegal goods, such as counterfeit goods and narcotics
  • Jewellery, costume jewellery, watches, and objects constructed of precious metal and/or stones with a value of over £4,000 per waybill.
  • Laptop computers – No more than 2 laptop computers per package. Each package may not contain more than 1  lithium-ion battery per laptop, which must be contained within the laptop.
  • No more than two packages per consignment. The shipment must not exceed £5,000 per waybill.
  • Lithium batteries, These include power banks, USB chargers etc.
  • Small electronic items, including mobile phones, containing lithium-ion batteries – each package may not contain more than 2 batteries which must be contained within the electronic device. No more than 2 packages per consignment.
  • Live animals (including but not limited to mammals, reptiles, fish, invertebrates, amphibians, birds,  insects, larvae and pupae)
  • Loose precious and semi-precious stones (cut or uncut, polished or unpolished)
  • Pornography (whether in print, film or digital format)
  • Tobacco, loose-leaf tobacco products, and pre-rolled cigarettes
  • Used car parts and engines – only acceptable if all steps have been taken to nullify hazardous residues.

Courier Form for Courier to Nepal from the UK

If you have any question,  please fill the courier so that someone will assist you for further process.

    Do you want Insurance

    Sender Details

    Reciever Details

    Please list items in the box on separate line .

    Item Quantity Value of Items
    Carriers (i.e. DHL) T & C which apply on all cases. Major T & C as below.

    1. All goods were packed personally by me & have been in constant possession since packing. I declare items on the invoice. If any undeclared item appears, then I will be held responsible. My consignment DOES NOT contain any illegal items & NO hazardous goods nor any explosives of any description. I am aware that any false statement may render me liable for prosecution under the terms of the maritime security Act 1990. I, at this moment, declare that the above information is accurate and correct.

    Company will not be held responsible for any delay by Carrier or any other circumstances. If damaged goods signed for without being checked, the company cannot be held accountable for any claim for damaged goods.
    All prices are exclusive of any customs related charges such as Customs Duties / Clearance Charges, Local Taxes & so on..& we cannot advise on it.

    2. Free insurance up to £50 only but for low weight - high-value goods, please declare items value and do Insurance. Otherwise, courier standard T & C will apply. DHL: $25 P/kg for air , $12 P/kg by road.
    3. All insurance claims (Damage or lost) will be settled on the base of declaring item value and according to carriers' rules & regulations.
    4. Courier charge up to £9 for name/address change.
    5. Remote Area or have small or no volume being sent to them a charge: £17.50 & cannot advise for a duration.
    6. The delivery date & time may vary due to unforeseen transportation circumstances.
    7. The actual transit time is likely to be longer if local country authorities deem the shipment as being of high value or any others causes.
    8. Carriers terms & conditions apply in all cases. for example:
    9. Passport or Imp docs only accepted on box number 2. Always do Insurance that cost Extra £3 but covers up to £300 in case of loss or damage.
    10. Email ID will use for newsletter and communication purpose.
    11. Paypal* Himal Cou will display in your bank statement if you are using card payment.
    By sending this form means you are accepting Carriers (i.e. DHL) T & C which apply in all cases.

    DHL to Nepal near me – DHL to Nepal from Woolwich

    If you are around Woolwich, Plumstead, Charlton, Welling, Thamesmead or near the area, please visit our office to send DHL to Nepal and other countries. If you can not visit our office, you can send the parcel via royal mail or Parcel force. They normally delivery in next day in our office so that we can send once we receive it.

    Call Nepal Expert today to find out more info 07394996443, and for a regular update, please visit Himal Courier Social Media