Cargo to India

Cargo to India – Air freight to India – Sea Cargo to India

Are you looking for the cheapest and professional Cargo to India service? Do you want to make sure that your shipment will arrive safely and on time from the UK to India? Have you been subject to overcharging?

Polite request:
We have tried our best to provide all information here so, before calling us,
please can you make sure you read all information once, and if you need more info or want to send it, you can fill the form below. We need shipment details such as Weight/Dimension/content/destination address. So once we received the form, we will contact you with the right information and next step.

Basically, many people search for the best to send parcels and cargo to the south Asian region. So let us know to offer every little help towards quick and safe courier and cargo delivery from the UK to India. If you have more than 100 kg, then the cargo service is best for you. It will be cheaper which deliver to the airport.

Cargo to India
Cargo to India

Cheapest Parcels and Cargo Shipment

We provide a one-stop, customer orientated, hassle-free and cheapest choice of sending parcels, cargo to south Asian countries, including India. Our customer service is exceptional and UK-based, but our sending rates are meagre.

Cargo to India from Woolwich – Cargo to India near me

If you are based in Woolwich, London and want to send air cargo, please let us know. Even you can send the parcel to our office address via royal mail or parcel force.

What we can send?

  • Air Cargo
  • Air Freight
  • Personal Belongings
  • Vehicles Shipping
  • Boxes Shipping
  • Send a Car
  • Container Shipping
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Furniture and Household

Premium Cargo Handling Facilities

We are proud of providing world-leading cargo handling facilities from UK to any airport, any seaport, and any street address, anywhere in India. So please, get in touch to see how you can use the cheapest online rates on shipping cargo.

Breakdown of Cargo Cost

  • £3 per kg by air
  • Minimum required: 100 KG
  • £10 Handling Charge
  • £50 Airway bill Charge
  • Collection charge as necessary

Sea Cargo to India Sea Cargo to India from UK

9th June 2021 on Words

£2 Per KG if you have more than 100 KG

£2.5 Per kG if you have from 40 KG to 99 KG

Minimum weight

We need a minimum of 40 KG. If you have less than that, you can send via Air Courier.

Per Box Weight

You can not keep more than 20 kg in one box. The minimum weight we accept is 40 KG, so you need to make 2 boxes. So if you have 50 kg, then you need to make 3 boxes. But if your box dimension is bigger than 20 kg, you need to pay that dimensional weight.

Pic up charge: It’s free from our Woolwich Ofice. However, we can pick it up from your home and offices at an extra charge, starting from £20. It totally depends on the area.

What you can send ?:

Clothes and Personal effects.

Can we send Washing Machine, Fridge and TV ?

Yes, you can, but you need to pay £550 per expensive item such as Washing Machine, Fridge, TV, etc., that include pick up from your address in the UK, sear cargo charges, Custom Charges and delivery in your place in India.

What we can not send via SEA Cargo to India ?




Sea Cargo to India Time and Departure Date

We send each end of the month. And it takes around 3 months to deliver. So its means we collect till the 20th of each month and send the first days of the next month. So once we ship, it takes around 3 months to deliver in India.

Is there any insurance for electic Items?

No, we don’t do it.

At last, If you want to send or need more information, please visit please fill the Courier Form to India. And once we received the form, then we will contact you for the next step with the correct information and cost. For a regular update, please visit our social media.