6 Years Anniversary Offer


6 Years Anniversary Offer

Dear Valuable Stakeholders,

6 Year Anniversary Offer! We are pleased to say that we have completed our six years journey in the Logistics business. You dreamed & we have implemented. It’s our way to do business by changing and upgrading according to your concerns and demands. From Namaste Network – Woolwich to Himal Courier Cargo and now we are “Himal Courier”.

As above is just an example to show that we are working towards making the name Specific, Short and Sweet, but we want to make our service and price full of sweetness. So, each client can have a smile on their face at the end of the business.

It’s not that we didn’t make any mistakes; yes, we did indeed. As Mr Jack (boss of Ali Baba) said, “fall and stand up”. Yes, many downfalls. We listened to the customer’s valuable feedback and learned from our mistakes.

So, we can proudly say that; It’s not our company. It’s your company, your trust, your investment. So, you don’t have a choice. Where you want to go or where you want to take this company. It’s entirely up to you.

However, we are delighted to offer our valued customers at least  £6 off on EU road and worldwide shipments till 10 Aug 2018.

Note: Offer cannot combine with any other offers.
Himal Courier 
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