Cargo to Nepal from the UK

Cargo to Nepal – Air Freight to Nepal – Shipping to Nepal – Package to Nepal

Cargo to Nepal
Cargo to Nepal

We offer Logistic service (Cargo to Nepal from the UK)  to Nepal as a daily or weekly or Monthly from Woolwich, London – the UK. So, why we are sending shipments to Nepal regularly from the UK? Let’s have a look a short introduction of Nepal. 


A Himalayan natural beautiful country with world tallest Mt Sagarmatha (Mt Everest), the birthplace of Lord Buddha and brave Gurkhas. It is located mainly in the Himalayas but also includes parts of the Indo-Gangetic Plain. With an estimated population of 30 million, it is 48th largest country by population and 93rd largest country by area.

Difference between Courier & Cargo

I. Courier

Courier is suited for sending letters, documents, and small parcels. It offers the advantage of speed, security, tracking, signature and specialisation over regular mail services. However, due to this, they tend to be more expensive than regular mail services. For express courier, ie. DHL / TNT / FedEx/UPS, visit

Cargo to Nepal from the UK
Cargo to Nepal from the UK

II. Cargo

Cargo is cheaper but slower and mainly refers to a large consignment of goods or products. Most of our air cargo freight fly from all the major airport in the UK to Kathmandu Airport. We can arrange to pick up your goods from anywhere in London. However, a collection charge may apply.  We have our own office in Kathmandu as well.

Please have a look at the different cargo or Delivery or shipping options to Nepal

Option A: Daily Courier to Nepal Via DHL / TNT 

if you want to send documents,  letters and small gift or parcels then this option A is best for you.  Please visit

Option B: Monthly Shipping to  Nepal (Kathmandu & Pokhara) – No need to pay Custom Tax

We do monthly shipping to Kathmandu and Pokhara city via Prithvi Highway. Usually, its best for more than 5 KG shipment who want to send Prithvi Highway area such as Kathmandu, Thankot, Naubise, Malekhu, Kurintar, Muglin (Chitwan), Khaireni, Dumre, Damauli, Sukla Gandaki, Talchok, Pokhara city area. It means if you are sending only cloth, shoes and non-valuable things then the receiver will not pay anything to receive in Nepal. No custom; No charges. However, for valuable things such as TV  then receiver have to pay custom.  Check Custom Nepal

What we
can send 
Destination Rate
Per KG
UK Handling
( Export docs)  

Nepal Handling  & Custom 
Clothes, Shoes etcKathmandu & Pokhara£6£15Have to PayNothing to Pay

For all other details, please visit,

Option C: Weekly Cargo to Nepal (Kathmandu)
What we can send Rate Per KGUK Handling (Export Docs)  UK
Pick up
Nepal Handling Custom 
Cloth, shoes, Electric stuff, household, TV £2.15£40Depends £25Check Custom Nepal 

Areas of Free Pick up and  Collection :
Areas of Free Collection and Collection Charge Area
To develop confidence with us, have a look at our few client lists.
Now, have a look, What you can send?
What we can’t send?

Mobile, batteries, Perfume, Gold, Money, Milk Powder & so on.. for a full list, please have a look below T & C. 

What about shipment tracking?

Yes, you can. It’s fully trackable.

Term & Conditions of Cargo and Air Freight

Before you decide, Please have a look like below. 

  1. Sending more than 1 TV: Accordingly to Nepalese’s custom, only one TV allows at a time as a Gift or in Personal Effects Shipment. If you have more than one TV than you need to send in other person name and this will treated as separate shipment, all cargo and handling charges you need to pay separately. For the rest of the world, please check customs rules.
  2. Fragile Items: Although we take care of fragile items at our level best to deliver at destination in safe and secure condition, but these are booked entirely on shipper’s risk, and they are responsible for making fragile packing for their fragile items/goods at their own cost as no airline or Courier Company take responsibilities for delicate items. Its shipper’s responsibility to do a Fragile Packing and it must be marked as fragile to avoid any damage to their stuff. If you cannot do, then you should contact professional packers.
  3. Packing Instructions: It’s your responsibility to do secure packing for all of your goods.  It can be suitcases or travel bags, but it must be locked, or cardboard boxes securely covered with tape. Please don’t use any laundry or Jaffa bags as these are not acceptable by the airline. In case of use, these must be cover with shrink wrap. During the wet and rainy season, we advise to Shrink Wrap or cover with cling film whole of your shipment as airlines don’t accept wet cargo and will not take any responsibility for the damage. We will charge you a minimum £10 per box or bag if it’s not as above.
Cargo to Nepal
Cargo to Nepal
4. Volume weight and Volume Reduction:

The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, in comparison to its actual weight. The volumetric or dimensional weight will calculate and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to ascertain, which is greater; that will use to calculate the shipment cost. The formula for calculating volumetric weight is length x width x height (cm) / 6000

Volume Reduction

Volume weight, if a box has a limit of 30 kg and you put only 10-12kg in that box than the airline will charge 30kg, not 10-12kg. While sending duvets, pillows, soft toys & so on which take more space than the actual weight. The best way to reduce volume weight of your shipment is to buy vacuum bags, put everything which is not fragile as duvet and pillows etc.  in bag suck whole air with a vacuum cleaner and seal it. After that pack it in box or suitcases. Please do not try this procedure on Fragile, sentiments or Extra value items.

5. Destination contact details must provide at the time of booking, while we may not accept any reservation without a destination phone number, all claims and complaints about delay or storage charges incurred will not entertain. Typically, mobile phone numbers are not an acceptable form of the destination phone number.

6. Customs clearance:

All airport handling and customs duties need to pay at the airport directly or through your agent. All receiving persons (Consignee) need to arrange their agents for customs clearance as our destination staff will not involve in this procedure. And we don’t take any responsibility for any illegal activities during customs clearance at destination done by the receiver or your agent.

Personal Effects are the shipment, in what the passenger is travelling him/her to the destination or receiver at destination have visited from the UK in the last Maximum of 20 days before. In that case, he or she can get a discount on customs duties; the charges are just for guideline only. Maybe, Customs Duties on Dutiable Items will have to pay tax and customs duties if you book commercial quantity items as personal Effects Shipment. Also, you may need to pay agent fee if you hire any for customs clearance of your shipment.

Only for the guideline

it might be less or more. All following charges of none dutiable items may apply in Nepal. Minimum Ground Handling and custom clearance charges apart from duties at Kathmandu airport.
Up to 50kg       – NPR. 5000-7000
60kg to 100kg – NPR. 8,000-12,000
110kg to 200kg – NPR. 13000-18,000

7. Normally, Personal effects shipments are duty-free in many countries, but you need to pay Ground Handling charges.  For many countries, to release personal effects shipments you don’t need to hire an agent as you can do yourself declaration. However, for all gift items, commercial or any other type of shipments, your consignee needs to hire an agent, which you can find on the website by typing ‘custom broker at’ and type your destination airport name or there are many customs brokers office are available at all airports. Your consignee can make a deal with any of them. For example: For Nepal custom clearance visit:

8. Identify your shipment:

All of your delivery will mark with airway bill or consignment number, so it’s custom warehouse staff’s duty at the destination to identify your parcel. So, it’s not the responsibility of our destination staff or any customs broker or agent around the world.

9. Delay in Arrival:

Airlines will not give any compensation in case of delays in arrival at the destination even if it’s booking in some circumstances, like in case of any act of GOD(Nature) or as following reasons. As all cargo is scheduling with passenger aircraft, so there are some priorities in cargo categories, all airlines have a preference for passenger baggage, then Diplomat mail and Human Remains perishable goods, and at last, there is dry cargo. In the case of busy periods, if the space for dry cargo is not available, they will move to next available flights.

10. Claim and Insurance:

All goods are insured according to IATA rules and regulations. If you have any high-value items, please arrange goods in transit insurance yourself via online. In case of damage or lost items, this is the responsibility of receiving person/party to obtain damage or lost report before leaving the customs warehouse as without this report no claim can be a file with the airline and with this report receiving person/party need to make a claim directly with relevant airlines at the destination.

Please note that a valuation form needs to completed and payment made to take out standard liability cover according to IATA rules and regulations. We are also unable to offer any Standard Liability Cover on TV’s and any other Fragile items as these are entirely on shipper’s risk even not airlines. So, to protect fragile items needs to be created or professionally packed by the shipper. If you have declined Standard Liability protection for your shipment, our liability in case of loss or damage is limited as per our Terms and Conditions.

11. Dispose of Goods :

We reserve the right to dispose of goods if you fail to pay the storage or invoice charges before the departure of your shipments.

12. Changes:

if you want to change the receiver name and any others details after shipment picked up then CCA fee is GBP 70.00 for all kind of amendments with Turkish Airline.

J. Prohibited items you need to avoid (Dangerous Goods)

Here is some further explanation of Dangerous goods is not allowed without declaration to complete the DGR procedure, so you need to be careful before handover your shipment to us:

Cargo to Nepal
Cargo to Nepal
K. Any questions?

Finally, do you have any more questions? if yes, let you know, we are just one call far away from you. if not please fill the form so that someone will assist you for further process.

What about other countries?

We offer very cheap Cargo services to European countries including Portugal, India, China, USA, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the UAE, Qatar and the rest of the world. Please have a look or contact us.

Cargo Tracking

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